Client: YEDA, UK
Designer: 3STORIES
Architect: N/A
Principle Contractor: ASTRID DESIGN AND BUILD

Start up company Yeda employed Socius Projects to act as PM/QS on this very popular vegan restaurant in an extremely fashionable part of London.

Transform an existing bakery and cafe into a fully Vegan restaurant and take away.

The Landlord had to carry out various works to the property to bring it up to a stage where we could begin the fit out and, as we were installing a commercial kitchen, extract and power supply were concerns. We negotiated that the Landlord would contribute an amount so we could include a Reco-Air system in the build otherwise the space just would not work, as well as upgrading the incoming electrical supply fro 100A 3-phase to 200A. As this was the first of a new concept budget was tight so heavy negotiation was carried out even after the tender stage to ensure we hit budget. The additional challenge of the restaurant being 100% vegan was also an additional important factor that had to be taken into consideration.

We engaged an M&E consultant to assist in the design of the general ventilation, extract, kitchen extract and AC requirements to ensure it all worked alongside the use of the Reco-Air installation. This meant that all potential issues were cleared at design stage ensuring time on site was kept to a minimum which was important in such a tight workspace. The reality of it being a vegan restaurant meant that some basic materials could not be used so, in working closely with the Client and Design team, we ensured all parts of the build stood up to the scrutiny required to ensure the venue's principles were adhered to. We also worked closely with the Client's catering and business consultant, which was vital to ensure all parts of the machine would work together once trading.

A fully vegan cafe in food and structure with a fantastic eye-catching finish completed within budget which also works from an operational perspective, crucial for a business such as this.